3 Installation Errors in Wood Paneling

Wood drilling

No matter which type of wood you select for flooring in your house, it would look far from the glossy catalogue pictures if the installation is not done by an expert. Only an experienced engineer would be able to spot framing errors in wood paneling and know how to fix them.

Remember: it’s not just about picking the right kind of wood but also see to it that it’s installed without faults. It’s the small details that add to the overall finesse of our service and we’re proud to claim that our installation experts are adept at this. We take care of all the minor and major things that might dissatisfy our customers and make sure they don’t feel the need to dog us with complaints.

Here are some of the most common installation errors that can happen during wood paneling.

Not Checking Moisture

Moisture and humidity are the leading factors that affect your wood flooring. However, with correct installation measures and proper prevention techniques, moisture can’t do much to harm wood. The condition still is for installation to be done with the right aim in mind. It’s important to take Moisture Content (MC) readings of the flooring and subflooring before installing the panels. Ideally, the readings should be within a safe margin of 4 percentage points of each other. Drywall and all other kinds of painting should be completed before wood installation begins. It’s wise to opt for engineered flooring if moisture is a big concern for you.

Ignoring The Subfloor

If the installer doesn’t flatten the subfloor, forgets to clean bits of drywall compounds off the floor surface, or installs wood panels on top of particleboard, their service is bound to leave loopholes. What’s common in all these preparatory problems with the subfloor are that there will be loose areas if the floor is glued down or the floating floor will have too much deflection. A solid strip floor will squeak when you walk if the subfloor is not prepared beforehand. The most fundamental rule in flooring is that the subfloor should be dry, flat and clean.

Improper Layout


Your house or office space may have some architectural errors, which make installation a hassle. Not every room in the house may be perfectly square or rectangular and in the worst cases, this news comes last and at a time when the damage is already done. An expert will always check for such typical errors before banging the flooring in. If you don’t take care of this right at the start, you may end up with considerable inches off the line at the end. It’s better for installers to plan ahead of time so that they can use trammel points, lasers or 3-4-5 triangles before extending the flooring into a new room. It’s also a sign of bad installation if there’s need for partial boards at the top of stairs. Layout can impede the process of professional flooring installation and it’s better to keep room for layout errors.

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