3 Ways To Create Flooring Transitions

The flooring you choose for your home has the ability to bring the space together. It can add warmth if you choose a traditional look or a modern edge if you go with a more unconventional flooring option.

The best part is that there are so many flooring options to choose from. In fact, you may find it difficult to settle on one for your home.

But who says you need to opt for just one kind? Using more than one kind of flooring in your home is a unique way of demarcating spaces. It’s particularly useful in open floor plans, as it can help break the monotony of a large space and adds a point of interest without creating the need to buy furniture.

Worried about how the different flooring options will look together? That’s why we’re here to break down everything you need to know about flooring transitions!

What is a flooring transition?

A flooring transition refers to how one flooring option leads to the next in a home. The right combination will have your home looking like a scene out of a movie, with different colors and textures that add character to your home.

Here are some flooring transition ideas that work every time:

Contrasting colors and shades

One complaint that many homeowners have is that their interiors look boring. This is especially true for those who have open floor plans, as homeowners usually opt for options like similar woods but in light and dark shades. As a result, the transition isn’t apparent. It can also look like you just ran out of floor panels!

Make a bold statement with your home’s flooring. Opt for contrasting colors and shades. A stark difference in color and texture will make it look like a deliberate choice.

Change in direction

Living Room

You don’t always need to invest in more than one type of flooring for your home. Just a simple change in the direction of the paneling will work wonders.

This works best with textured or patterned flooring panels. Have the design on the floor go in one direction in one room and change the direction for areas that link different areas of the home. Not only does this look chic, but it’s also a subtle way to demarcate areas in the house.

Gradient flooring


If you’re looking for the most subtle way to add variation to your home, the gradient method is the one to go for. Flooring panels are chosen and placed in a way that they go from light to dark or one color to another in a subtle way, so that there’s no definite start and finish. This option works best with wooden flooring.


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