4 Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Carpet Flooring


Most interior décor and furniture don’t come with expiration dates and neither do carpets. But that doesn’t mean that they’re irreplaceable. In fact, carpets can be a breeding ground for lots of allergens as well which could be the cause of your family breaking out into symptoms of allergies and colds more frequently. Older carpets tend to collect large amounts of dust, dirt, hair or even fur from any pets you might have. Despite regular cleaning, you may not be able to achieve the same improvement in the atmosphere as getting the whole carpet replaced.

Here are some signs you may not have noticed but should definitely look out for to decide if you need a new carpet or not.

You can see matting in some areas

When some areas of the carpet where there is heavier foot traffic stay matted down and refuse to stand up again, that’s your carpet telling you no more. The carpeted area will be extremely irregular and look quite worn out. It will end up making the whole room look drab as well.

Stains galore

Some stains have a story behind them which can be funny or embarrassing (or both) or some are just mysteries that never get resolved. Either way, it can be very unsettling to look at. Many of us attempt rearranging furniture to hide stains, but there are only so many alterations you can make, before you need to realize you need to invest in a new carpet.

Smelly Ca(rpe)t, what are they feeding you?!

Carpets can be very good at absorbing whatever fluids come their way. Even a good cleaning out can leave a lingering smell—which is a combination of spills, accidents and even dampness from the air—if you live in a place with high humidity. Sometimes, the smell can be embedded so deeply, there is no other option but to get a new carpet.

Baby on Rug

Foul smells from Mold or Mildew

You should also be wary of what kinds of smells are more prevalent. Foul smells can also be a sign of mold or mildew which should be addressed immediately and taken care of by removing the carpet.

Musty or foul smells are generally an indication that there is unpleasant mold in the carpet. The longer it stays in, the greater the risk for it spreading and getting in contact with your furniture or even you!

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