Accent Your Floor With An Area Rug

An area rug can transform your space by doing nothing more than accessorizing your floor. It’s amazing how a small patch of woven cloth can add yet another dimension to your interior décor. The variety of colors, patterns, and textures of an area rug adds another layer of detail to a well-designed room.

By aligning the hues and feel of your rug with the theme of your décor, you can truly enhance the overall appeal of the house. It’s no lie that rugs have a lot to contribute to the general atmosphere of the house.

Here are all the different ways a rug can be used to accent the floor.

Durable Patterns

If you have a full house, you can’t afford to place your beloved oriental rugs in high-traffic areas. Children can be careless while running around the house and that can wear out the rug. This is why you need a soil-protected rug which will last long in a busy space.

Even though it’s essential to take into account aesthetics in interior designing, the functionality of rugs can’t be overlooked. When you’re picking out an area rug, make sure it’s durable and protected from the top most yarn to the base. It should be sturdy enough to handle a couple of spills and stains every day around the house. Having an unsoiled rug in the room can even enhance the look of a rundown place!

Accessorize With a Rug

If you’re already investing in a newly-waxed hardwood floor, don’t make the mistake of layering it with an oversized rug. Always go for a rug size that’s smaller than the surface area covered by the furniture. This way most of your wood-paneled floor will remain visible for eyes to feast on and the rug will also embellish the look.

Accessorize With a Rug

A good way to place your rug in alignment with the furniture is to ensure that the two front legs of the sofa/chair are on the rug. This way, your area rug will not stand out as something peculiar in the home space and not crowd the open space either. It’s extremely important to not compromise on the space and openness of the room. Instead of conquering the space, your rug should complement it.

Consistent With The Color

To blend your newly bought area rug well with the interiors it must segue with the color theme used overall. If the wood used for flooring and furniture is dark-toned or espresso-colored, it would be nice to have a rug in earthy tones that’s not as dark. Murky green, deep ochre, beige, burgundy and plum would go well with the dark wood. Care must be taken in keeping the brightness of the color higher than the wood to avoid creating an overly gloomy atmosphere. However, if your flooring is bamboo or tiled, you can experiment with the colors that you like. Anything bold and trendy—but not too traditional— will look perfect with the modern, urban ambiance.

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