Can Pets and Carpets be Friends? The Best Carpets for Pet Owners!

Pets are a huge part of our lives; they’re our companions, and by most accounts, agreeable roommates. So it makes sense that you confer with them before looking into carpeting options.

However, when it comes to carpets, most pet owners find it impawssible to find one that can make friends with their four-legged furry buddy. But it’s not; you just have to chirp your way through the right carpeting specifications to find a carpet that’s purr-fect for you and your little friend!

What is it made of?

You might not have put too much thought into this, but the material your carpet is made of plays a huge role in whether it can strike a friendship with your pet or not.

Usually, carpets are made of wool or nylon. While wool is the ideal choice, what with being a natural fiber and naturally soft, it doesn’t stand a chance in front of your pet and the mess they make.

Moreover, wool carpets are a lot more expensive than nylon or any other synthetic fiber. This makes them a terrible choice for a house run by pets, because you can’t afford to replace carpeting every time your pet decides to relieve themselves in the middle of the living room!

Therefore, nylon and other materials like polyester and olefin do great with pets because not only are they stain-resistant, but they’re also easier to clean and cheaper than wool!

Go Organic

Most carpets in homes contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)—which are irritants that negatively affect our neurological systems and cause irritation in the eyes and nose.

These are especially hazardous for pets because they’re so close to the ground. Therefore, while buying carpets for a pet-friendly home, always go for new carpets rather than used ones because they contain low levels of VOCs.

Moreover, most new carpets are made with energy-efficient and recycled matter, which is good for the environment as a whole.

Putting the pet in Carpet! 

Don’t worry; if you can’t bother yourself with the specifications above, you don’t have to. Most carpet manufacturers and sellers have carpets that are made just for pets! That’s right, all you have to do is ask your carpet supplier for pet-friendly carpeting solutions and you can get your hands on a carpet that prevents stains from seeping into carpet padding; ensuring that there’s no bacteria or mold formation.

Other pet-friendly options can be carpets that come in vivid colors and patterns that can provide for camouflage for pet stains.

Lastly, you should always shop at stores that not only provide carpeting solutions but also cleaning solutions for carpets at reasonable rates. At our carpet stores in Melville, you can buy carpets and get them cleaned at affordable rates! Contact now to get acquainted with carpeting options and solutions that you and your pets will approve!

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