Carpet Maintenance 101: Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpets

Carpeted homes are harder to clean because the floors cannot be simple mopped or stain wiped clean anytime you want.

Any kinds of stains, spillages, or normal dust settles deep into the base of the carpet and becomes a challenge to clean. Anyone thinking of getting their floors carpeted must know these carpet cleaning tips for maintenance.

Use Mats Indoors and Outdoors

If your house is fully carpeted, areas of high traffic will require heavy maintenance. The most amount of dirt and filth is brought in from the outside. Shoes carry soil from outside into the house. This is why it’s crucial to have doormats both, outside and inside the main door. It’s best to use water-absorbent mats so that they absorb all the moisture before it is brought in and dampens the carpet. Keeping a coarse, textured mat outside helps scrub muck and goo off the shoe soles before they make way into the house.

Vacuum Away The Dirt

How Dirt Affects Your Carpet

Dirt is the worst enemy of your carpets. Dirt particles get tangled within the fine fibers of the carpet and make slight cuts in them. By being rubbed and pressed into the carpet, they become even more deeply embed.

The fuzz collected after vacuuming is mostly made up of tiny carpet shavings c. Constant friction between dirt particles and fibers makes high-traffic areas lose their sheen— making them look dull and coarse.

Grinding dirt into the carpet for an extended period thins the carpet and mats it down. This makes it lose its original plush softness and leaves it prone to staining.

How Often To Vacuum

Even though vacuuming may seem like a time-consuming chore, it’s very important for maintaining the quality of your carpets. It’s even more crucial to vacuum high-traffic areas frequently because they receive the most amounts of soil and dirt. Routine carpet cleaning prevents oil prints on the carpet from attracting more dirt.

Vacuum At The Right Speed

Rushing through it will do your carpets no good. Careful vacuuming requires going over the entire surface area patiently. Slowly vacuuming high-traffic areas enables the machine to extract the most amount of dirt. Adopting a quicker method by making more passes over the same areas will not disentangle the ground dirt.

Professional Service

No matter how regularly you vacuum carpeted areas of your house, they will need professional servicing once in a while. The way professionals steam clean your carpets, condition and wash away stains, and sanitize any odors is starkly different to simple vacuuming. However, it’s important to trust only the most reliable carpet cleaners in business.

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