Carpet vs. Hardwood: The Ultimate Battle for Your Bedroom Flooring!

When it comes to choosing flooring options for your bedroom, it usually comes down to carpeted and hardwood floors. Whereas hardwood flooring is the choice of most famous contemporary designers and architects, carpets hold a certain old-world charm.

So let’s duel it out to finally settle which flooring option is the best for your bedroom!

Let’s Target the Carpets!

The biggest win for carpets is their softness; this is ideal for bedrooms. because your bedroom is your safe haven. The first time your dainty feet make contact with the surface of the earth is right after you step out of the comfort of your sheets. And carpets are the perfect surface to rest them on.

Let’s Target the Carpets

Moreover, they’re a source of warmth on freezing winter mornings that not only prevent your toes from getting frostbite, but also help insulate the room by keeping the warmth inside rather than let it sift out through the floorboards.

In addition, carpets are ideal for parents. Not only do they provide a child-safe surface for your little bundle of joy, but they’re also sound deadening, which is a huge plus given that you wouldn’t want to wake up your child as you make a midnight trip to the kitchen.

Lastly, carpets are a lot cheaper than hardwood flooring because the installation is a lot less time-consuming and complex.

Hard Hitting the Hardwood!

Hard Hitting the Hardwood

Before anything else, the biggest virtue of hardwood floors is their aesthetic value. It’s considered sophisticated and chic to have hardwood flooring in your house, let alone your bedroom.

This flooring option is usually more expensive than carpeting, but it provides value for money because it makes heads turn. In addition, hardwood floors are much easier to clean than carpeted floors, especially if you have a full house or you share a living space with a four-legged roommate. Cleaning up after pets can be a nuisance with carpets, but not with hardwood floors, which have an evergreen charm to them.

Lastly, hardwood floors are the more organic option of the two, being eco-friendly. Not to forget, they don’t house any allergens or dust mites that can become a health hazard, especially for people who are asthmatic or have dust mite allergies.

It would seem there’s no universal winner when it comes to bedroom flooring options; rather it all depends on your personal needs and preferences when it comes to selecting the best for your bedroom.

So, whichever of the two you decide, we’ve got it in spades! At Signature Flooring and Interior, we understand every bedroom has different needs; so be it carpeting, hardwood floors or tiles; just contact our flooring store in Melville

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