Carpeting, Tiling or Wooding? Climate-Appropriate Flooring Options


Flooring is a major consideration when designing a living space. Your choices in flooring options vary according to many factors, among which climate is a major determinant. Since it’s a long-term investment, you’ll have to think twice before deciding, because flooring can’t be changed on a whim.

The material you choose for your home’s flooring can alter the temperature of the space; which is why it’s important to pay heed to the regional climate. Don’t discount this factor just because you like the appearance of wood or tiles better.

Here are some flooring options, keeping in mind a range of different climate considerations.

Hardwood floor

Carpet Flooring

If you want to insulate your home from the harsh cold or heat spells outside, carpeting is the best option. Heat can radiate through the floor just as cold can. Carpeting bars the outdoor weather from seeping in through the floor.

There’s nothing like cozying up on a warm woolen weave, by the fireplace, on a cold, winter’s night.

Carpeted flooring is not only warmer but also softer, which turns the flooring space into a seating arrangement as well. However, carpeting is better suited for low-traffic areas like bedrooms and not for a space like the living room.

 Hardwood Flooring

A classic flooring option, hardwood never goes out of style. It’s also the most popular choice of flooring for residential and commercial clients. However, preserving it in some areas can be a tough. Hardwood suits regions where the climate is perpetually moderate and doesn’t hit extremes. Ideal moisture levels for hardwood are in the range of 30–60%. Extreme humidity is also a deterrent when choosing for hardwood as it can lead to further problems in the future. However if you’re bent on having hardwood, you can have these beautiful oak planks with the commitment to extra care. You might need a dehumidifier to survive the humidity but otherwise it’ll be fine.

Tiled Flooring

Tiled room

If you’re living in an urban heat island like New York City or adjoining areas, you should look no further. Tiled floors are the best option to have in hotter regions because nothing beats the heat like these smooth ceramic surfaces lining your living spaces. They cool fast and don’t expand (or contract) under extreme temperatures, unlike softer materials. Imagine setting foot on a warm, woolen carpet in the dead of July? Not a very appealing image; but the cool polished surface of a tile will feel nice in the heat against your soles. Not to mention, they’re also easier to clean and don’t require high maintenance.

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