Choosing Laundry Room Flooring: What You Need to Know

Your laundry room is quite likely tucked away in a corner of the house and only sees traffic once in a while when you finally decide to transfer the hamper of dirty clothes to the washing room after delaying it for weeks. But just because it does not get used very regularly is no reason to skimp out on installing quality flooring that is both resistant to water damage and staining.

Your laundry room is likely to see a lot of wear and tear due to water dripping from wet clothes, heavy appliances, water leaks, overflows, dust and lint and many more issues.

As such you need a floor that can stand the test and won’t require a replacement every few years! Here are a few options to choose from:

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable, water and laundry chemical resistant, making them the best possible choice for your laundry room! High polished finishes may be less resistant to scratches, which may not make them a viable option for laundry rooms.

Additionally, high polished finishes are typically slippery even when dry and can get even more slippery when wet. As such, natural finish ceramic tiles might be a better option!

Vinyl Tiles

Possibly the most affordable option, vinyl floors are durable, low-maintenance, easy to install and repair and easy to clean. They are also water and chemical stain resistant. Even if a single tile does get damaged in some way, it can be easily removed and replaced without removing the whole floor!

Available in variety of patterns, colors and styles, vinyl tiles give you the option of getting the look of a hardwood floor without installing an actual hardwood floor!

Vinyl Tiles

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring might be expensive but is quite possibly the most durable options available provided the stone is sealed properly. Well-sealed stone flooring is resistant to scratches, etches and stains from laundry chemicals.

Area Rug

Wall-to-wall carpeting may be a terrible idea for a laundry room, but installing an area rug sure isn’t!

Tiled and stone floors can get cold and hard under the feet, resulting in muscle ache and fatigue. An area rug provides much needed cushioning to your feet while not being as difficult as a carpet to replace.

Even in the case of a leak or floods, just grab your rug and leave it out to dry (but never under direct sunlight)!

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