Décor Tips 101: How To Glam Up Your Dressing Room

Is vanity your lifeline?

There’s no harm in wanting and striving to look pretty every day if that’s what helps you actualize your self-worth. For someone who values and respects a beauty routine, a dressing room is a must have.

It is the most private space a woman has in a house. Whether you’re a mother, a teenager or a struggling college student, your dressing room will be your sanctuary. It reminds women of the need to acknowledge their needs and get comfortable with their bodies. This is why dressing rooms are meant to have a very unique, personal touch to make it identify with the individual it belongs to.

Here are a few ideas to decorate your dressing room your way.


The flooring of your dressing room will literally be the ramp you walk on after you pamper yourself and feel like a queen in your own skin! This is why it needs to meet the standards of quality and finesse that you require to give your self-worth a boost.

Hardwood floors are a classic flooring option that never fails to give your space a sophisticated touch. The noise-softening quality of wood also makes the room feel more spacious because of the echo. This automatically makes even the tiniest of spaces feel big enough to contain everything.

However, if you’re a cleanliness freak and like your dressing room to be squeaky clean like yourself, a brilliantly gleaming ceramic tiled floor will be the right fit. The shiny reflective surface will glam up your room by offering you just the floor you need to flash your six-inch high pumps!



Even though flooring matters fundamentally, what goes over it is also equally important. An area rug will give your dressing room floor a much needed aesthetic boost and also accent the floor space with a personal touch!

A soft, tuft weave with fiber loops under your feet will give them a luxury treatment while you paint your nails a sexy tint. Even a hooked-woven area rug will be as comfortable to rest you feet on as the previous choice!

If you’re looking for a floor liner near the closets or changing area, a flat woven carpet or braided area rug will be perfect functionality- and look-wise.



Mirrors are the most essential feature of your dressing room. It’s not only imperative to have a large one go up on your vanity dresser, but accenting the walls or closet doors with long vertical mirrors help add dimensionality to the room. It will not only make the room look bigger but also serve the purpose of grooming your overall look—from head to toe—right.

Mirrors not only assist your makeup routine and dressing-up ritual but also enhance the effect of lighting by adding more reflective surfaces in the room. The brighter the room the better it’ll be to glam you up for a formal evening or even a casual work day!

To make the mirrors more creative, you can either work around with lighting and see whether you want it to go above them, or all have them around the sides for better visibility. Pasting pictures and your favorite quotes on the sides of your vanity mirror or on your dresser also help set the mood for the daily routine!

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