Make Each Room Stand Out With Distinct Flooring

Choosing flooring options for homes isn’t as easy as selecting a hardwood design or tile color to match the interior décor of the house.

You need to be mindful about the traffic of each room, the climate of your hometown, the number and age of children living in the house, and your budget.

No matter how stylish a hard-surface material looks, you can’t choose a flooring material that isn’t durable or easy to clean.

Here are a few distinct flooring options for your house that’ll make each room stand out!


Welcome people into your home with a beautifully decorated entryway decked with sparkling ivory-colored porcelain tiles.

There’s nothing like a clean and shiny entryway to make people feel at home. Add a touch of color and warmth with vibrant rugs meticulously placed along the hallway leading to the living room.


Bedroom/Guest Room

Bedrooms are usually the most private rooms of the house that are decorated to showcase an individual’s personality.

Add warmth to your bedroom with light hardwood floors that complement the dark wood furniture of your room.

For a more luxurious feel, place a carpet rug in the middle of the bedroom to act like a sound insulator as well as a soft place to rest your feet after a long day.

Bedroom Guest Room


The high content of moisture in bathroom calls for a flooring material that’s able to withstand water splashes.

Choose ceramic or porcelain tiles on the floors and walls of the bathroom that are easy to clean and maintain.

Avoid hardwood floors and laminates as they aren’t durable, are prone to getting water-damaged and start to chip.

bathroom calls for a flooring


Depending on your personal style and architectural design, choose a hardwood or tile flooring for your kitchen.

If you’re going for the traditional kitchen design, install dark hardwood planks to match the wooden kitchen cabinetry.

For a modern kitchen design, install white porcelain tiles for a more contemporary feel.

hardwood or tile flooring for your kitchen

Living Room

If you have young children in your house, it’s best to select a durable flooring material that’ll withstand the high traffic in the living room.

While carpets are a viable option, they stain easily and aren’t the best option for a house with kids.

Install hardwood flooring in the living room for a classic and timeless look. Choose a hardwearing option with a heavy-duty sealant and long-lasting finish.

Basement Media Room

Turn your gloomy basement into a media and playroom for kids and adults alike. Section the room by adding a pool table on one side, and a video game machine on the other.

Install hardwood or tile flooring in the basement and avoid carpets as they’ll be difficult to clean in the event of water leakages.

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