Prepared to be Floored! The Best Flooring Options for Your Home

The floor of your home is central to its personality and provides the base for all your other décor. Therefore, it’s essential that you put dedicated thought into choosing the right type of flooring for your house; something that accentuates your style and aesthetic!

Tile Style

Tiles have a unique elegance to them. They give each room in your home its own character. They’re available in different shapes, sizes, and color schemes so you can create your own floor mural! In fact, Architectural Digest has even devised a guideline for people who’re interested in finding tiling solutions for their living spaces, because the possibilities are endless!

Tiles aren’t just known for being aesthetically pleasing; but they’re also incredibly easy to clean. In addition, they’re also one of the more hygienic flooring options, because unlike carpets or rugs, they don’t soak in dust particles which can trigger allergic reactions.

Wood in the Hood

Most designers will tell you that wood flooring is the best way to go for your home. Wood is organic, can be reclaimed, is timeless, and even increases your home’s value. In fact, the National Wood Flooring Association deduced that homes with wood floorings were 99% easier to list and sell than others!

Moreover, hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and can be laid down in unique patterns so it feels like you’re standing on a work of art!

However, coveted as it may be, hardwood flooring is perhaps the most expensive option of all and might not fit in your budget, so choose wisely!

Covet the Carpets

Say what you want, but the grace and luxurious feel of a carpet cannot be matched by any flooring option! They’re soft, warm, and a source of comfort. They’re also child-friendly, as they provide a soft surface for your little cherub to land their itty-bitty feet on to when they crawl out of their cradle. They even help insulate your premises by not letting heat escape through your floorboards.

Moreover, carpets are cheap and are available in various prints and patterns which not only serve as a complete flooring solution, but also complement other flooring options, such as hardwood flooring or tiled floors.

At Signatures Flooring and Interior, we provide you with all the flooring options you can desire and think of. From hardwood and tiled flooring to custom services, our store in Melville holds whatever you need! You can also shop for your favorite carpets and rugs near Dix Hills and contact us for carpet installation and cleaning to ensure your home flooring makes a statement every time people walk in on it!

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