Pros and Cons of Hardwood Vs. Laminate Wood Flooring

Wooden Floor

The natural appeal and endearing warmth of a wood-paneled floor is a signature amenity in modern homes. The sheer luxury of walking barefoot on the smooth, polished surface is a comfort in itself. Not to mention, wood, for centuries, hasn’t failed to live to its standards of classic beauty. For centuries, wood has been used popularly in flooring, for the durability and aesthetic appeal it adds to the overall environment.

However, when it comes to your preferences, there’s a lot more that contributes to your choice than just purity of wood. Laminate flooring is a viable option for those who want to give their spaces a look of wood without investing chunks of money. But it’s a tough one to decide.

A list of pros and cons about hardwood and laminate flooring—a close substitute, made from pressed wood—will help decide. For a true wood-lover, laminate flooring may be a cheap option that they don’t want to settle for—and for justifiable reasons—but it doesn’t hurt to assess your options rationally.


Cost is a primary factor that holds the veto power while you’re making a big decision and choosing a flooring option is one. You may like one option but your budget may not allow it easily. However, it’s still advisable to go over the prices of each one before finalizing the decision.

Hardwood: Since hardwood panels are made with wood from exotic species of trees, their price is naturally higher than that of laminate which is processed wood. Depending on the rarity of the trees from which wood is extracted, price of hardwood may vary.

Laminate: Since it’s made from composite wood— which is pressed at extreme temperatures— it’s not pure wood taken from a single species of trees. This significantly lowers the cost because it only looks like hardwood, it’s not really hardwood. If you have a small budget, laminate is the option to go with.

Durability and Appearance

Hardwood flooring

A well-maintained wooden floor looks significantly better than a cheap substitute. Durability matters most when you’re planning that investment for the long-term.

Hardwood: Since this is pure wood, it’s more susceptible to damage than laminate. Under excessive moisture or wear, hardwood is expected to get soiled. However, in terms of appearance, nothing beats the look of hardwood for a long time. In that sense, hardwood is a long-lasting option that’ll continue to visually provide value for money.

Laminate: This is more resistant to scratches and can also survive well in humid conditions. Because it’s made from pressed wood, it’s durable against wear, tear and moisture. However, if you’re keen to only get the real look of wood, laminate is a poor option.

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