Soundproofing With Carpets

Besides noisy children creating a racket at home, sound also seeps in through windows, doors, floors, walls, and ceilings.

According to an article in Forbes, one great way to decrease noise pollution at home is to install carpeting to absorb sound. Carpets and rugs essentially help cut noise and act as sound insulators.

Let’s take a look at the different types of noise and the soundproofing methods that can be used to reduce them.

What Is Impact Noise?

Impact noise accounts for a large share of domestic noise complaints, especially in apartment buildings where you share your ceiling and walls with your neighbors.

Impact noise is the result of people walking on the floor. Whether its soft footfalls or the thundering sound of running feet, the sound vibrations are carried through the floors and down to the ceilings of the apartment below you.

Often an irritating and irksome sound, people often lodge complaints with their upstairs neighbors to keep the impact noise down.

By installing thick carpets in your living room, you can reduce the sound of running feet and shoes to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

installing thick carpets in your living room,

Reducing Outside Airborne Noise

Carpets absorb over ten times more airborne noise compared to other hardwood and stone flooring materials.

It reduces sound vibrations that travel through the air. Whether it’s the sound of people talking, loud TV, thumping music, or construction hammering, carpets are a great way to reduce the sounds and stop the noise from traveling through the floors and walls.

Two-story houses also require carpets to dampen the sounds in the bedrooms upstairs. Choose a carpet material and color that goes well with the overall style and theme of the house.

Carpet Absorbs Better

Carpets absorb sound better than hardwood floors. It helps to lower the sound levels and is a great way to restrict the flow of sound to neighboring apartments.

While hardwood floors and ceramic tiles and stones can also prove to be effective soundproofing materials, you’ll need to extra underlay products to make them perfectly soundproof.

Install carpets on your house stairways or hotel hallways and block the sounds of shoe-clad feet as they go up and down the stairs and entryway.


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