The Best Carpets For Homes With Pets

Baby and dog

If you’re one of the 85 million households in the United States that has at least one pet, you know how great of a responsibility it is. You have to take care of every aspect of their life and make special considerations when it comes to home interior, among many other decisions.

You want your pet to feel safe and comfortable under all circumstances, and this extends to the carpet you choose for your home. Here are some carpet types that work well for homes with pets:

Opt for a cut pile carpet over a looped one

Carpets generally are made of loop pile. In such carpets, yarn is looped into the base for a curved finish. These carpets are known for their durability and last many years. Unfortunately, the loops of these carpets aren’t suitable for pets. Animal claws get stuck in them, causing torn claws or split nails. Other than that, once a pet finds the loops, they’ll be all too keen to pull on them and destroy the carpet.

A cut pile carpet is made with cut yarn. Each piece of yarn stands upright. There’s no risk of your pet getting caught in such a carpet. They will last much longer and give a luxe look to the room.

Polypropylene carpet

Dog on carpet

Claws aren’t the only issue when choosing a carpet; the dust and grime they bring along on their little paws are a concern too. Living with pets is messy; they leave behind paw prints from when they were playing outside, have accidents here and there, and shed hair everywhere. Wool carpets are sensitive to such elements. Stains and odor don’t come off easily from a carpet made of natural fibers.

Luckily, carpet manufacturing technology has come a long way. The number one alternative to natural fiber carpets is polypropylene carpets. Stains and odor cannot penetrate this fiber, making it easy to keep clean.

Dark-colored carpets hide a multitude of sins

Not that having a pet is a sin, but stains on your carpet never look good. Even if you’re tempted to go for a light-colored carpet, it’s never a practical choice. Dark colors and more natural colors are the way to go when you have pets. You could also choose a carpet color for your home that’s similar to their coat to mask the shedding fur.

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