Things To Know When Choosing Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is an important component of carpet installations. The quality of your carpet depends on the quality of padding used. It gives carpet flooring the support and structure it requires.

Our experts have put together this guide to let you know everything there is about carpet padding.

Why is carpet padding so important?

Carpet Pad

A carpet has to support a lot of weight. The face of the carpet must be durable so that holes don’t develop and ruin the entire carpet.

A bit like construction; a solid foundation is the most important part of any carpet. No matter how good quality the carpet fiber is, a weak foundation (padding) will cause it to break the backing and hence, reduce the life of the carpet.

Thickness of the pads used

Rolled Rug

Often we’re asked about the thickness of the padding, whether a thicker or thinner padding is better. Thick padding won’t be as durable as thinner ones. Thick padding refers to that of over 8/16” and it is known to cause issues during installation.

Thin padding results in the best carpet installation possible. Carpet installation experts can judge what padding level is required for your home for the best results.

Pad density

Other than the thickness of the pads, their density is crucial as well. It’s a vital part of the durability of a pad. The density is measured in pounds per cubic foot and the common one is 3 to 10 pounds. A pad density of at least 6.5 pounds is needed to ensure the durability of your home’s carpets.

Types of padding

The world of carpet padding runs far and wide. Apart from varying thickness and densities, they are made using different materials. These are:

Foam padding: foam padding is the padding you usually get free with your carpet. It isn’t the best for your carpet and must be done away with since it doesn’t hold up.

Fiber padding: fiber padding is specialty padding, in a way. It’s flat and dense and not sponge-like. It’s available in natural and synthetic varieties; the natural ones are prone to developing mold.

Rubber padding: good quality rubber padding is durable, but expensive. Flat rubber padding is known to be the best kind. On average, it lasts up to 10 years.

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