3 Tips to Consider Before Buying a New Carpet

Carpet flooring can make your house look graceful and well-furnished. There’s a lot that goes into buying a carpet than one might assume. Poor choice or lack of maintenance, can wear out even the most expensive of carpets.  

Here are a few tips to consider.

Pick The Right Carpet Padding

If you’re looking to save a few dollars by compromising on padding quality, you’re doing your newly-bought carpet more harm than good.

True; the padding doesn’t show from under the carpet so it seems like a waste of money. But if you choose to install cheap padding beneath your carpet, you’ll notice how quickly it wears out with heavy use.

Padding is essential to make the foundation stronger. The layer of padding underneath offers support, strength and durability to the carpet. Carpet padding is made of rubber or foam. It perfectly conceals damage in the subfloor by layering it with a finish that evens it out.

Not just that, it also helps in cutting down noise by preventing sound from travelling down the floor. The extra layering also keeps the temperature in check during extreme weather.

Consider Various Carpet Styles

This seems to be the first step for many, in buying carpet for new flooring. The styles available in carpets —plush, frieze, textured and Saxony—are many.

Depending on the use of your carpet and the overall theme of the room, a style should be selected. The basic categories of styles depend on the pile: the surface of the carpet, formed by a variety of looping options of the yarn tufts.

The carpet style you choose must also match your lifestyle. If you prefer an extravagant way of living, a plush carpet will suit your taste best. It’s soft and tightly-woven to give it a velvety-rich feel.

But if you prefer simplicity and cleanliness over luxury, a textured carpet would be a better fit. It’s easier to vacuum and also more durable.

If you want a bit of style and convenience Saxony should be your choice. It’s perfect for low-traffic areas and is popularly used in homes.

Understand the Maintenance Requirement

Each carpet style comes with its own set of rules about its maintenance. A plush carpet cannot be (nor should it be) cleaned as easily as a textured one. Vacuum marks tend to stay behind on plush carpets and also cause pooling.

Understanding the maintenance procedure is important if you’re living with children and/or pets. With inmates like them, you’d be overworked already to give a luxury carpet special care. Unless you’re willing to go the extra mile to maintain an extravagant carpet, switch to a simpler one.

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