Top Reasons Why Carpets are a Great Home Addition for Fall

Having your home carpeted is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your own home. It’s one of the most popular flooring options chosen by homeowners, especially when they first move into a new home.

With fall in full swing, having carpets installed at this time is ideal. Here are some reasons why:

Makes your home cozy for the cold weather


There’s nothing worse than a cold floor, when the temperatures drop during the later months of the year. Hardwood flooring and tiles make your home colder. Carpets insulate your home. You can walk around without fluffy slippers if you like, giving your home that cozy feel that everyone wants during fall and winter.

Quick installation

Carpets are one of the easiest and quickest flooring options to install in your home. If you want to have them installed for fall or winter, it can be done within a few days. It’s also a minimally invasive installation process when compared to tiles and hardwood flooring, making it easier for homeowners.

Makes your home safer for kids and the elderly

Baby and Dog on carpet

Homes with toddlers and elders must have carpets installed. It’s one of the only flooring options that aren’t slippery. The risk of elders experiencing a painful fall is drastically reduced with carpets. Inspect your carpets every now and then to ensure there isn’t any wrinkling on the carpets as well.

Carpets are also beneficial for homes with toddlers. Babies that have just begun to walk aren’t as stable on their legs, and as a result, fall regularly. Carpets act as a cushioning for your toddler. They’re less likely to get hurt when they fall on a plush carpet in comparison to hardwood floors. Carpets are also warmer, so if they’re crawling around the house, they won’t run the risk of catching a cold.

Noise reduction

Carpets act as insulation against loud noises as well. With hardwood floors, you have to be careful about walking around just because of how loud your footsteps can be. If you have pets, then you’ll probably hear tiny footsteps all the time, which can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to sleep. You won’t have to worry about all that if your home is carpeted. Your loud house parties won’t disturb the neighbors since carpets absorb loud noise pretty well.

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