Ways to Spot Your Carpet Has Been Installed Correctly

A big part of home renovations is the flooring. Having the flooring redone is also an expensive process and so it must be done perfectly. If you don’t want to worry yourself choosing between endless options when it comes to flooring, you could simply choose carpet installation. When done right, it gives the most elegant look to your interiors.


Carpets are a better flooring option for residential areas for many reasons. It’s ideal for those who have toddlers at home, who are less likely to hurt themselves when they fall. Carpets are also good for homes with seniors, since the risk of slipping reduces. It makes homes cozier and is a cheaper flooring option compared to hardwood and tiles.

If you’re getting your home carpeted this year, make sure it’s installed correctly. Incorrect installation can make even the most expensive carpets look bad.

Here are some signs that the carpets in your home haven’t been installed correctly:

Wrinkles and folds

Inspect the surface of the newly installed carpets in your home. If you notice any distortions as a result of wrinkling or folds in the carpet, something’s not right! These folds and wrinkles occur when the carpet hasn’t been sufficiently pulled and extended to fit the floor of your home correctly. If the stretched out carpet doesn’t adhere well to the tacks, it begins to come away, causing the creases.

Step on the wrinkle to check if it vanishes or not. If the carpet smoothes out with this simple move, there’s nothing to worry about. If the wrinkle doesn’t disappear when you step on it, it hasn’t been installed properly.

Room with Rug

Inspect the seams

Have a close look at the seams of your carpet where it meets the walls, entryways, or baseboards. If the carpet is fraying or you see some lose edges, the carpet isn’t installed correctly.

Carpets need to be installed seamlessly—that’s what ultimately differentiates a good carpet installation service from a mediocre one. The ends of the carpet need to be neatly folded and tucked under the floorboards. The edges of the carpet are often secured with extra tacks to prevent them from fraying.

Unleveled carpet surface

Lie down on your newly carpeted floor and have a closer look at the carpet from its side. Reposition yourself so you can view the carpet from another angle. If you see any abnormalities in your carpet like dips, bumps, buckles, or divots, take a closer look. These are signs that your carpet hasn’t been installed to the best of its ability. A carpet’s surface must be smooth and secured in place with good quality tacks and glue.

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