Will a Carpet Re-Stretch Make Your Carpet Feel Like It’s New?

Having your carpets in the best condition possible makes your home feel comfortable. Carpets give that warmth and ‘homey’ feel. However, they require maintenance from time to time for the best results.

Carpets are a relatively cheaper flooring option. As a result, homeowners are often confused about replacing or re-stretching them.

What is carpet restretching?


To get the carpet to fit the floor of your home perfectly, it has to be stretched and secured in place. Over time, the carpet can begin to lose its shape and develop lose spots. This results in wrinkling of the carpet, which affects its overall look and longevity.

Is it wise to have your home’s carpet restretched?

Restretching is a temporary alternative to a carpet replacement. It’s an easier process and so is much more convenient for homeowners. Carpet technicians know the techniques to get your wrinkled carpet to fit like a glove once again.

Homes with a unique layout often face the issue of their carpets not fitting their home’s floors well. Restreching will work for a limited amount of time. However, if your old carpets have been poorly fitted, not much can be done with carpet restretching.

Carpets with thick padding or the wrong form of backing won’t last as long as you would like. As a result, they begin to come away in certain areas. No amount of restretching can really undo a faulty installation.

Doesn’t increase the lifespan of your carpet

Study room

When maintained well and installed correctly, carpets in your home can easily last you up to 10 years. This relies on the fact that the glue used for the carpets is of good quality and the backing and padding used inside is apt for its usage.

Restretching the carpet installed in your home won’t really increase its lifespan. A carpet replacement done by a reliable company would help you immensely in that department!

Replacement is eventually the only option

Eventually, you will have to resort to a carpet replacement for your home. Lucky for you, carpets are cheaper to get replaced than any other form of flooring for residential purposes. You won’t have to break the bank in the process of replacing a carpet,  it is not an extensive or invasive procedure either. Hire the right carpet installation services Melville, and your home will be transformed within a few days!

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