Worn Out & Rugged: Caring For Your Persian Carpet

Your living room is more than just another area of your house. It’s where you spend time with loved ones, celebrate milestones, hold video game marathons, open your Christmas presents, and watch a late-night movie when everyone’s fast asleep.

Therefore, it goes without saying that it needs to look like the center of the house—because that’s exactly what it is.

You’ve added a few decorations and a luxurious Persian carpet and we have to hand it to you, you’ve made the right choice!

And while we can’t give you advice on how to decorate your home, we can help you keep your Persian carpet from wearing out!

Here’s what you should do:


If your carpet looks like it’s seen better days, that’s probably because of all the dust it must have accumulated. Vacuum your carpet at least once a week to keep it safe from dust and grime.

Vacuuming is an easy, yet impactful cleaning practice that gets rid of all the grime in your carpet, and keeps it in mint condition. Vacuum your carpet in different directions to capture all the dirt and dust.

Handling Spills

Look. Carpet spills are inevitable, especially when you have guests over!

A splash of red wine, toddlers smearing chocolate on the fabric, and Uncle Stu having a bad day—it happens to the best of us!

And sometimes, mysterious stains appear, the origins of which remain unknown (But don’t take our word for it. After all, it was Halloween!)

Either way, you’ll have to deal with carpet spills every now and then.

Don’t vigorously scrub the carpet like your life depends on it. Instead, use a cloth to absorb everything first. Then gently scrub it away until it becomes lighter in color.

If the Shoe Fits…

…Please don’t wear it on the carpet!

Make your house a shoes-free zone. Instead, offer your guests slippers that are worn only inside your home. This way, you can easily avoid dirt/mud from getting inside the house and ruining your precious Persian carpet.

Keep Away from Pets

It’s Persian, not ‘purrsian’! Furry friends will always find a way to use your carpet as a scratching post. So, the best thing to do is close the door after cleaning it.

Professional Cleaning

No matter how much you care for your carpet, an occasional professional carpet cleaning is a must. Leave your carpet woes to the pros and let them sort it out. Your carpets will thank you for it (and so will you!)

If you feel as if your carpet is looking worse for wear, even after getting professionally cleaned, get in touch with a carpet store. Contact reliable carpet installation firms, such as Signature Flooring and Interior for a job well done.

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